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The Most Delicious Beautyshop in Town!


    integrates between the concept of breakfast buffet and cosmetic retail sales in order to create an outstanding uniqueness. Similar to buffet style of breakfast where a wide selection of fascinating dishes is waiting for you to taste, Beauty Buffet offers a wide range of cosmetic products so that customers can try different kinds of beauty product before confidently selecting the best choices. Designed in a buffet style of restaurant and decorated in vividly attracting colors, Beauty Buffet offers warmly and friendly service. Customers are free to test different kinds of product before selecting the ones that best suit them. In front of each Beauty Buffet shop will be a chef mascot,

    In front of each Beauty Buffet shop will be a chef mascot, which is the symbol of the shop designed to attract customers as well as to match its buffet concept and the slogan of “The Most Delicious Beauty Shop in Town.” Beauty Buffet presents itself through Multi-brands. Each brand has been developed and registered its trademark under the name of the “Company”. Not only was each brand carefully selected, its image, pricing level, and market positioning were determined differently as follows in order to cover a large scale of target groups of dissimilar demands.

     The price of Beauty Buffet products are relatively cheaper compared to other cosmetic brands sold in overall retail stores and even at counters of department store. There is a wide range of color selection to meet the demands of each target group from early teenage to career group that are looking for beauty and personal care products to better enhance their personality in modern style. Beauty Buffet products are distributed through its retail branches nationwide. The “Company” runs its business under the policy of continuous branching in order to cover every consumer group by focusing on opening its Beauty Buffet branches in different leading department stores and trade areas such as department stores and large supermarkets. Now, Beauty Buffet branches are expanding to the neighboring markets such as Cambodia Laos Myanmar and Vietnam. On 31 December 2016

     Beauty Buffet had 332 retail branches nationwide and separate to independent shop 37 retail branches in oversea ( Cambodia 6 branches , Vietnam 29 branches, Laos 1 branch and Myanmar 1 branch) which type of Shop in Shop Beauty Buffet had 138 retail branches (Indonesia 19 branches, Hong Kong 100 branches and Taiwan 19 branches.

“Easy Access Variety All in One Reasonable Price Fun and Excitement”

    In the near future, the “Company” is expected to develop or import new beauty product brands to meet the dynamic trend of customer demands and increase its level of competitiveness in the market.